Reviews-Fatal Flashback

“Fatal Flashback” has a great setup that covers many aspects of the story – with the crime set up/fallout and high-stakes circumstances in the first part, then has the courtroom drama, then the shocking ending. And the author does a great job of bringing us up to speed on all the various characters, with their backstories and roles. The main characters are so well done, and even the ‘bad’ guys had some level of sympathy. I was happy with the overall storyline and the ending was a total shocker… like what the whole book was leading up to. Recommend to fans of thriller, suspense, drama. Essie Harmon – Indie Book Reviewers

When does risk outweigh reward, and vice-versa? I thought “Fatal Flashback” to be very complex and well-written —- darker and more character-driven than action driven, and definitely eye-opening. You can tell the author has amazing knowledge of the whole ‘big pharma’ angle and shines light on areas we might not usually think of, like shady testing or going for money over known safety risks. Some similar themes and motifs present, but Berreman does a fantastic job of putting his own unique and unusual spin on them. The writing is great – very fast paced, great building tension, and flows well and the ending is perfect. An intriguing, original story that definitely entertained and made my eyes widen several times (especially the end) and seems to wrap up but also leaves possibility for more…maybe??? Recommend for fans of suspense and legal drama. Stephan Beacher – Indie Book Reviewers

I’m not sure exactly how to describe this book by Tom Berreman, other than being well-written and researched on several levels (from the pharma side, to the legal and psychological sides), fun, unpredictable and easy to read. I was genuinely impressed with not only the descriptive and detailed world building and his strong writing, but it was also the way the characters interacted with one another in a way that really made me feel something. I always felt like I was really part of the story. Berreman has comprehensive and first-hand knowledge of all different aspects of this story, and he pulls you right into the believable world where we feel we know just as much as he does (which is hard to do), and doesn’t hold back any punches. A great read, and one I enjoyed. Hope to read more from Tom Berreman soon. Cale Owens – Indie Book Reviewers

When I heard Tom Berreman had another novel out, I was excited to read it because I’d read and enjoyed his first one, “Succession of Power”. But much to my dismay, as much as I wanted to make it last longer, I gobbled up “Fatal Flashback” in two nights! Berreman just paints scenes and characters so well we are in their lives and invested before we know what hits us. The real drama lies with the characters in the book, some who are really unscrupulous and are crafting a world of dishonesty and deceit – and then has violent – fatal results. This whole book reads like a real-life nightmare, but it is interesting to see events unfold from the ‘behind the action’ perspective.  And if you like corrupt characters and surprising, dark twists, then this book is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended).  A compelling and enjoyable journey that delivers an entertaining and memorable experience. Sam Ryan – Indie Book Reviewers