Succession of Power: A Political Espionage Thriller


Fast-paced, well written and very creative for the genre, “Succession of Power” is a great read for fans of political action, thriller/suspense, and espionage. A great, riveting combination of thrills, suspense, intelligence, flawed but strong men, action and adventure…  an engrossing story with a fun cast to take you along for this very interesting, exciting and dangerous ride.
Cale Owens – Indie Book Reviewer

Jason Burke’s successful career as a newly admitted partner to the law firm of Chatfield & Smythe is shattered when his pro bono client, an undocumented hotel maid struggling to avoid deportation, witnesses the interrogation and murder of a United States Senator. His investigation into her subsequent disappearance uncovers the Senator’s role in a powerful ideologue’s diabolical scheme to push the political pendulum to the far right. Successful implementation, utilizing a biological weapon confiscated from a defecting North Korean scientist, will result in the death of countless innocent people, both politicians and civilians.

After multiple attempts on his life to thwart his investigation, and being framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Burke realizes his only option is to fight back and stop the man’s pursuit. He is quickly drawn out of his comfort zone as a trial lawyer in the courtroom to that of a clandestine operative who at times must kill or be killed. Failure will be fatal for him and many others, and push Washington’s political leadership and judicial philosophy to the far right for the foreseeable future. An outcome not demanded by the American voters, but by the agenda of a single man.

Failure is not an option.

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